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UNI-T MSO-UPO2000 Series Digital Osciloscope

UNI-T MSO-UPO2000 Series Digital Osciloscope

UNI-T , Oscilloscope
  • Analog channel bandwidth: 200MHz, 100MHz
  • Memory depth of each channel: 56Mpts
  • Built in 50MHz dual channel function / arbitrary waveform generator (only MSO-S)
  • Support Bode Plot loop test and analysis function
  • 4M points enhanced FFT, supporting frequency setting, waterfall diagram, 06
  • Real time sampling rate of analog channel 2GSa/s
  • Waveform capture rate up to 1,000,000 wfms/s
  • 8-inch 800×480 capacitive touch
  • DVM supports multi-channel independent AC / DC true RMS measurement DIGITAL OSCILLOSCOPES detection setting and mark measurement, etc.
  • Protocol trigger and decoding function. Standard?RS232, I2C, SPI;
  • Optional: CAN, CAN-FD, LIN, FlexRay Hardware real-time waveform uninterrupted recording
  • Adjustable for each channel time base
  • Hardware 7-bit frequency meter
  • Area trigger function
  • Interfaces: USB Host, USB device, LAN, AUX
  • Auto measurement of 36 waveform parameters
  • Support real-time loading of oscilloscope screen data and analysis up to 120,000 frames to AWG arbitrary wave output

Ordering Info

200MHz 2GSa/s 2 Channels
100MHz 2GSa/s 4 Channels
100MHz 2GSa/s 2 Channels
200MHz 2GSa/s 4 Channels
200MHz 2GSa/s 2 Channels
100MHz 2GSa/s 4 Channels
100MHz 2GSa/s 2 Channels
200MHz 2GSa/s 4 Channels
200MHz 2GSa/s 2 Channels
100MHz 2GSa/s 4 Channels
200MHz 2GSa/s 4 Channels
100MHz 2GSa/s 2 Channels

The MSO/UPO2000 series digital phosphor oscilloscope is a multifunctional and high-performance oscilloscope based on UNI-T's original Ultra Phosphor technology. It realizes the combination of ease of use, excellent technical indicators and many functional features. It can help users complete the measurement work faster. It is an oscilloscope designed for general design / debugging / testing needs i as communication, semiconductor, computer, instrumentation, industrial electronics, consumer electronics, automotive electronics, on-site consumer electronics, automotive electronics, on-site such as video, jitter, noise and low wave signals