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TEZ Speed System

TEZ Speed System

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Innovative System Evacuation

  • The TEZ Speed System was designed so that technicians can easily save hours or days on any size system evacuation
  • 5x - 10x Faster Evacuation: Using multiple 3/8" and 1/2" connections can deliver a time savings ratio of at least 5-to-1 (up to 10-to-1) on residential and industrial job sites
  • Field-proven to outperform larger, belt driven pumps by hours or days
  • Simultaneous 1/2" and 3/8" connections allow for maximum input flow - up to 16 times the flow of typical 1/4" and 3/8" hose connections
  • Simply Easier: The 5-Second Oil Change makes it quick and easy to monitor the condition of the oil, and change it on the fly without breaking the vacuum
  • Simply Cleaner: Cartridge changes flush the pump and remove any remaining contaminants, making this system ideal for ammonia and lithium bromide
  • Simply Faster: With a clean and efficient pump and massive flow, the TEZ Speed System makes it easy to save time, and money


Award Winning Design

Every year the ACHR News has a "Dealer Design Awards" competition. For those of you unfamiliar with this competition, this is a chance for new products to be entered for review by a board of HVAC business owners and HVAC technicians. They review the new product entries and base their decisions on The Ease of Use/Maintenance, The Competitive Difference and The Service Benefits.
The TEZ Speed System was awarded the Gold Medal as determined by a panel of real technicians and HVAC Business Owners. They evaluated the features and benefits of the TEZ Speed System and determined that it was the best new tool of 2010.

TEZ Speed System Example Job #1

At a large refrigerated warehouse in New Jersey, this Bohn 30HP chiller went from 

atmosphere to 350 microns in just 4.25 hours... much faster than the previous 23 hours.

TEZ Speed System Example Job #2

With five simultaneous full-flow connections, the TEZ Speed System

evacuates racks like these up to 10 times faster than typical vacuum pumps.

TEZ Speed System Example Job #3

Thanks to a massive flow and "on the fly" oil changes, in just 26 hoursthe Tez8 evacuated

six 1500-ton chillers, one at a time, to 500 microns... outperforming a 20-cfm belt driven pump.

TEZ Speed System Example Job #4

This 2000 ton chiller was pulled from atmosphere to 1000 microns in 

only 3.5 hours, instead of days with a belt-driven pump.

TEZ Speed System Example Job #5

On a critical Server Room job at Duke University, the Tez8 (with 3x 1/2" hoses)

cut the job time from four days to less than 7 hours.

TEZ Speed System Example Job #6

The TEZ Speed System evacuates a 250-ton chiller from atmosphere to 500

 microns in only 2.5 hours... a job that used to take 26 hours.