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MegaFlow Speed Kit

MegaFlow Speed Kit

Appion , Refri Tools
  • Drastically increase speed and reduce evacuation times; full 1/2" connection
  • Up to 16 times greater flow than other manifolds
  • Manifold body forged from aircraft-grade aluminum for lightweight durability
  • Large, ball bearing-actuated knobs for easy operation under pressure

Vacuum Certified Refrigerant Hoses

  • Ultra-Flexible 1/2" and 3/8" hoses, larger interior diameter for superior performance
  • Rated for use with R410A and all common refrigerants
  • Connect to multiple areas of the system for maximum efficiency


Vacuum Certified Valve Core Removal Tools

  • The only vacuum-certified valve core removal tool on the market
  • Easily remove access cores for full, unrestricted flow
  • Double O-Ring ball valve seal for accurate "blank off" vacuum testing
  • 1/4" side port for vacuum gauge attachment
  • MegaGrip Core Tip minimizes lost cores

Product Specifications

Qty Description Part No.
1 MegaFlow Vacuum Manifold MGAMAN-V
1 6-Foot, 3/8"FL to 1/4"FL 3/8" Dia. Blue Hose MH380006EAB
1 6-Foot, 3/8"FL to 1/4"FL 3/8" Dia. Red Hose MH380006EAR
2 6-Foot, 3/8"FL to 1/4"FL 1/2" Dia. Black Hose MH120006EAK
1 6-Inch, 1/2"FL to 1/2"FL 1/2" Dia. Black Hose (TEZ8 Connection Hose) MGH126
1 6-Inch, 1/2"FL to 3/8"FL 1/2" Dia. Black Hose (Universal Vacuum Pump Connection Hose) MGH126-E
2 MegaFlow Vacuum-Rated Valve Core Removal Tools MGAVCT
1 Appion Backpack / Tool Bag PK7520