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ION PT Gauges

Appion , Refri Tools

Appion Central App Requirements

Android Version 6.0 or greater Bluetooth® 4.0
iOS Version 12.0 or greater Bluetooth® 4.0

Digital "Stub" Gauges: No Hoses, No Manifold

NIST-Traceable accuracy with 5-point certification

Remote, Real-Time Readings

Live Data Logging and Reporting

Built to Withstand Real-World Conditions

Features and Benefits

  • View Multiple, Simultaneous Measurements:
    "Low Side", "High Side", and Temperature
  • Digital "Stub" Gauges:
    Minimize charge loss; perfect for "critical charge" applications
  • Minimized Mass Clamps:
    Compact stainless steel clamp for durability and easy placement
  • Thermally-Isolated Contact Sensor:
    Reduced thermal mass for greater accuracy
  • Advanced System Analysis:
    Superheat/Subcool Calculations, Reporting, and more with the ION HVAC/R App™

Wireless Gauge Features with the Appion Central App™

The Appion Central App™ enables remote, real-time viewing for appION™ Wireless Digital Gauges.

Multiple, simultaneous remote readings are now possible. Easy-to-use and perfect for advanced system analysis on evolving, complex, high-efficiency systems.

Access an extensive refrigerant P/T lookup and receive remote notifications from custom alarms when readings move beyond predetermined thresholds.

Active gauge readings enable superheat/subcool, real-time system analysis, custom layout configuration, multiple alarms, and more. More functionality, less bulk.

Get the app for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch on the App Store™.
Get the Android app from Google Play™.


Gauge Specifications

  PT500 PT800
Range Compound 29in to 500 psi 0 to 800 psi
Usage "Low Side" Measurements "High Side" Measurements
Accuracy +/-0.5% (ASME B40.7 Grade 2A)* +/-0.5% (ASME B40.7 Grade 2A)*
Resolution 0.5 psi 0.5 psi
Units psi, inHg, kg/cm2, cm/hg, bar, kPa, MPa psi, kg/cm2, bar, kPa, MPa
Max (Proof) Overpressure 750 psi 1000 psi
Fitting 1/8" Male NPT 1/8" Male NPT
Included Adapters 1/8" F NPT to 1/4" M Flare
1/8" F NPT to 1/4" F Flare
1/8" F NPT to 1/4" M Flare
1/8" F NPT to 1/4" F Flare